Thursday, March 25, 2010

kickin it just for youuuuu 

i felt her kick for the first time! not just moving around, cuz i've been feeling her shift positions inside me for a lil while now. but i had my hand on my belly and i felt her kick my hand! so exciting! she's actually a real live person inside me! oh and my belly's been itching a lot more. my books say that it's because the skin is stretching a lot so i'm being really diligent in putting on my cocoa butter lotion to keep stretch marks at bay. but gosh, i've definitely been growing faster this week. everytime i look down, i feel like it's grown more every hour!

and i'm excited for our baby showers! we decided to split them up some cuz there's just too many people. so don't call us crazy, but we'll have one for our family, then our friends, then our church friends, and then probably his work will throw one and my work will throw one too. you know me and being craftsy... i'm totally excited for the themes and preparing the invitations and decorations. i hope people like em!

Monday, March 15, 2010

i'm bald! 

walking like i rode a horse kind of bald, that is. god it hurts soooooooo bad! not that didn't expect it, but it hurts!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! i can't wait til 3 days from now when the swelling subsides and it just feels nice and smooth! till then, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maternity tour #1 

We had our maternity tour at kaiser sand canyon in irvine today. Totally brand spankin new facility and it was so nice! We got in a lil late for the orientation but it was so cute how they gave everyone hand-knitted beanies for their babies! It was a really useful presentation but I can't believe how emotional I got when they discussed the breastfeeding. They really emphasize breastfeeding a lot especially during the first hours of the babies life. After she's born, they will place her on my chest bare-skinned for that skin-to-skin contact with the mother. And then they wrap us both in one blanket. Just envisioning that totally got tears welling up in my eyes and I can't wait to have that connection with my daughter! They said that research shows that the skin-to-skin contact in the first hour of life totally stabilizes the baby's temperature and heart rate after the trauma of childbirth that they go through. I'm so extremely impressed and happy with kaiser that they prioritize this kind of holistic treatment of mothers and babies. It sounds like a wonderful end to the birthing process and a peaceful way to welcome my child into the world. Thumbs up for kaiser orange county!

I have another hospital tour for the kaiser Anaheim facility in a couple of weeks. They just remodeled their labor & delivery area so it looks really nice from the slides too. We'll see which one we'll lean toward. Maybe both are the same and we'll just deliver at the closest one.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Movin on up! 

Oh my goodness! She's moving, she's moving inside me!!! It's the coolest weirdest feeling and I absolutely love it!!! It's so exciting to feel her alive in there and I love being able to kinda interact with her! It's not a kick specifically but I'll feel her moving from way low in my belly and then all of a sudden it's like she swims up closer to my belly button area and I can feel certain parts of my belly get harder as she moves around. It's soooo cool!!!! It's an awesome opportunity to start talking/playing with her too, so when she moves around I ask her, "where you going baby?" and I just giggle to myself, hehehe! I love it! I love her!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

boy or girl? 

today's the day! well, hopefully anyway! we have an ultrasound appt this evening and hopefully we'll find out if it's a girl or a boy! i've been leaning toward wanting a girl cuz i noticed when i imagine the baby growing up, i seem to be picturing a girl rather than a boy. i also can't think of any boy names i like. but of course, i just want it to be healthy. healthy and happy. i hope it has a happy disposition. i love happy babies where you just look at them and then they break out into a smile. i love that!

since i've discovered that the baby can hear, i've been listening to classical music radio. at first i didn't think i'd like it, but i'm actually growing such an appreciation for it and i'm learning a whole new realm of music. and i'm totally shocked that i don't just fall asleep. i used to put on Fantasia the disney movie on for my brothers when i babysat and what i loved about it was that halfway through the movie, they'd be sound asleep! but it's funny, cuz it actually gives me an opportunity to think clearly. maybe classical music does make kids smarter... i dunno.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

aches and pains and avocado 

warning: gripefest ahead...

my back's been hurting the last couple of weeks. i think it's the couch and sitting on it too much. it feels like something is being pinched on my lower back and it radiates down to my leg. i feel it when i'm driving in the car too. i could use a good massage.

and then yesterday, my right lower belly started hurting. i thought maybe it was just gas or being hungry. but the pain was actually keeping me from wanting to eat anything. then i thought about the fibroid lump that was found during the last ultrasound. it's pretty sizable, 7cm, almost 3 inches in diameter. it's right by my right ovary, but not obstructing anything so the ultrasound tech said that my doctor will probably just watch it and make sure it won't be in the way of anything. and most likely, it will go away by itself. well, now with the baby growing, i think it might be getting in the way of things and that's why it's starting to hurt. i have a doctor's appt next week, so i'll definitely have him check it out.

so today is officially week 16! my belly's definitely bigger. clothes are a bit of an issue, cuz pants generally don't fit, but more importantly, feel more restrictive. so i really like wearing dresses, but i gotta be creative with work clothes. i need work appropriate dresses, not so much casual dresses.

the baby is the size of an avocado now. and his outer ear is developing so he can hear now. time to start actually playing the mozart cds that my mom gave me for christmas, "to make the baby smart" she says. and i think i'll start reading to the kid. :) i like the fact that he can hear. it feels more appropriate now to talk to him/her. before, it didn't seem to make sense to talk to something that can't hear me. but now, it won't feel so silly.

Monday, February 08, 2010


so guess how long we were at babies r us on sat? we arrived at 2:30pm for what was advertized as a safety expo to learn about safety features of baby stuff. when we got there, it was just a couple of tables and if we had questions, we could ask any of the workers. so that wasn't as useful as i thought it would be, but we thought it was a good opportunity to start registering. o. m. g. talk about one of the most overwhelming things i've ever had to do. this is infinitely worse than wedding stuff. there are so many options to just baby bottles and nipples. we stood by the breastfeeding items aisle and we asked one of the workers to explain some stuff to us. i think we were both really overwhelmed. i know i wanted to cry. but even henry was feeling like, can't she just stay with us and explain every aisle? goodness, i think that was the first time i ever felt that overwhelmed where i just didn't know what to do and where to start and how to choose. it's one thing to have a preference, but i feel like with baby stuff, you definitely want what's best and it's so hard to decipher what that is. so... after the breastfeeding aisle, the bottles and nipples aisle, the bath stuff aisle, we just looked at car seats and the strollers cuz that's a whole other day's research that i wasn't ready for... and then we found a crib that we liked along with a dresser, and custom ordered a glider with an ottoman... skipped all the decorative stuff cuz we don't even know if it's a girl or a boy yet... so guess what time it was when we left? it was dark already. and when we returned the gun to the lady, my goodness, it was 6pm. they gave us a nice little goodie bag that had suggested items that we'll need. i discovered that we had registered for like less than half of that list! hay buhay! we'll definitely have to have round 2 on another day.

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